Gallery: Woodward Cocktail Bar, A Longtime Gay Spot In New Center, Burns

The Woodward Bar (or Woodward Cocktail Bar), a well-established gay bar in Detroit’s New Center neighborhood, burned Tuesday morning.

Heavy smoke could be seen rising from the building in the 6000 block of Woodward, and while no damage estimates have yet been made, it appeared the bar would be a total loss.

Witnesses said the fire started before 10:30 a.m. People live and work in the area and many had been evacuated while crews work to contain the fire.

“I live on the residence facing Woodward and when I stepped out onto my balcony after smelling smoke I couldn’t even see the GM headquarters, well, the old GM headquarters across the street and I immediately got concerned and I’m glad to see all my other fellow residence safe on the floor but this is very alarming,” Leron Bishop said.

A Twitter user shares photos of the blaze:

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