About Us

Intenttoblow is the most innovative and among the largest online food recipes and health guide in Nigeria. Founded in 2022. Intenttoblow has become a prominent name in the health and food niche. The popularity of the blog is evident from the fact that it has crossed the 3.4 crore candidate landmark and has latest updates.

Intenttoblow was founded by a Bello karkani from University of Jos, Plateau state Nigeria, with a vision to provide  easy access to knowledge and health guide across  the couny (Nigeria) as well as providing employers with an efficient, cost effective way of posting health guides and coaching.

Intenttoblow provides a convenient platform for all individuals to connect effectively and efficiently at one place. It is an online portal where you can learn, get upto date information and  can get in touch with you when they need someone like you for their business or organization.