Kesler’s name mistakenly etched on Cup after he lurks into Bruins celebration

Vancouver Canucks star forward Ryan Kesler had his name etched on the Stanley Cup last night after lurking into the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup celebration following their game 7 victory over his team.

Kesler, a repeat lurker, evidently stashed a Bruins jersey on the Canucks bench, put it on after the game ended and joined the Stanley Cup celebration with the Bruins.

“I’d been preparing all year for this,” Kesler said afterwards. “I had a mission, I was going to have my name on the cup one way or another. In hindsight, I guess if I had spent more time on my game rather than hatching this elaborate plan we might have won it ourselves, but this works too.”

The Bruins didn’t realize who Kesler was for several hours and by the time his identity was revealed, an engraver had already pounded the Vancouver forward’s name into NHL history.

“He rushed up to me after the game and made sure I knew how to spell his name. Said something about being a late call up,” said engraver Jed Barkley. “I guess it should’ve struck me as strange that he didn’t want anyone in the Bruins organization to know about it. Also, he kept yelling Keslerbomb and pumping his fists.”

Kesler can be seen lurking in camera shots of the Bruins celebration throughout the night. Bruins captain Zdeno Chara said he had no idea.

“We sort of all look the same with the beards,” Chara said. “I thought he was Daniel Paille for most of the night. Frankly, I didn’t even know who Daniel Paille was for most of the year, so I just went along with it.”

The NHL says it has no plans to change the engraving, stating “that’s the only way the Toronto Maple Leafs have ever gotten on it in the first place.”

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